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Our product portfolio

Restylane products are formulated as clear gels that contain HA. This substance is naturally found in the body to provide hydration and structure, but is depleted as we age and is also quickly removed from the body2.

The gels are injected into the skin to achieve a more youthful look9 by a qualified aesthetic healthcare professional following a consultation and personal treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Our technology includes the broadest range of gel textures to fulfil different functions: 

  • Products that restore a healthy, youthful appearance by filling lines and wrinkles or adding volume
  • Products that enhance facial balance and harmony by providing shape and contour to facial features, such as the lips, cheeks and chin
  • Products that refresh the skin for a radiant, hydrated look

This means that your aesthetic healthcare professional can tailor your treatment based on the quality of your skin, your desired outcome and the areas where you are receiving treatment.

Firmer gels provide more lift (left) whereas softer gels distribute more evenly to smooth the skin

Product science

Our products are based on two main technologies:

  • The patented Non-Animal Stabilised HA (NASHA)TM technology (used in some Restylane fillers, Restylane Skinboosters and Restylane skincare) creates a firmer gel texture for a more pronounced lifting capacity and targeted product integration (Restylane fillers) or helps to deliver long-lasting hydration (Restylane Skinboosters and Restylane skincare)
  • Optimal Balance Technology (OBT)TM creates a softer gel texture that distributes more evenly to create a softer look (used in the Emervel collection of Restylane dermal fillers)

Top: NASHA preserves the natural way that HA molecules connect with each other (top) and includes some additional contacts (bottom) to make the results more long lasting.
Bottom: NASHA preserves the way that HA molecules connect with each other


Our patented NASHA technology maintains the natural molecular structure of HA by preserving the way that HA molecules naturally connect with each other.

To make sure that NASHA products are not quickly degraded by the body and therefore make their effects more long-lasting, a few more connections (called ‘cross-links’) are added between the HA molecules. This makes the resulting NASHA gels more stable and their effects more long-lasting.

NASHA gels are minimally modified and thoroughly tested for impurities, so they are not recognised by the body as foreign. This minimises unwanted reactions to the gels.

NASHA technology allows Restylane products to achieve different effects:

  • Restylane dermal fillers (Restylane and Restylane LyftTM) have a larger gel particle size to deliver lift, fill and volume
  • Restylane SkinboostersTM use smaller gel particles to deliver hydration and moisture deep inside the skin, with a minimal lift effect
  • The Restylane skincare range uses tiny crystal-shaped particles of the NASHA gel to reflect light and make the skin ‘glow’ on the outside

Speak to your aesthetic healthcare professional to discuss which Restylane product could help address your individual treatment needs.

OBT combines a varied number of contacts between HA molecules with differently sized gel particles to achieve different results

About Optimal Balance Technology

Optimal Balance Technology (OBT) offers a broad range of gel textures, all containing the same concentration of HA, which means that the products can serve a wide range of functions. Softer gels distribute more evenly to smoothen lines and wrinkles, and firmer gels can deliver more lift and volume.

The different gel textures are achieved by varying the number of connections, or ‘cross-links’ between HA molecules. Fewer cross-links between HA molecules give rise to a softer gel, whereas more cross-links between HA molecules result in a firmer gel.

The range of gel textures is combined with different sizes of gel particles to vary the product’s lifting capacity even further.

OBT is used exclusively in Restylane products to achieve diverse effects depending on the treatment area:

  • Restylane VolymeTM, Restylane DefyneTM and Restylane KysseTM have a larger gel particle size to provide volume and add definition
  • Restylane FynesseTM and Restylane RefyneTM have a smaller gel particle size, offering a lower lifting capacity to target superficial wrinkles and fine lines

Speak to your aesthetic healthcare professional to discuss which Restylane product could help address your individual treatment needs.

Restylane injection devices

The delivery devices for Restylane products have been carefully designed to produce the best possible outcomes while minimising pain and injury to make each treatment comfortable for you.

Our syringes include ergonomic features to ensure both the accurate administration of Restylane products and optimal comfort for both aesthetic healthcare professional and patient. These are combined with security features that provide you with reassurance that the product is sterile.

The Restylane Skinboosters delivery system is also designed with the award-winning SmartClickTM system, which helps your aesthetic healthcare professional precisely control the amount of product that is delivered with each treatment.