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New product names, consistently natural results

The Restylane portfolio has evolved! Two of the world’s leaders in hyaluronic acid-based fillers, Restylane and Emervel, have come together under the Restylane brand name, offering aesthetic healthcare professionals the broadest range of dermal fillers.

With established safety profiles, long-lasting results6,7,10 and high patient satisfaction11, the Restylane portfolio now includes a wide range of gel textures, from firm gels that offer volume and lift, to soft gels that distribute more evenly to smooth the skin, as well as products specifically designed to offer skin hydration. This means that your aesthetic healthcare professional can now tailor your Restylane treatment to suit your individual needs.


Before: Restylane

Now: Restylane (no change)

Before: Emervel Classic

Now: Restylane RefyneTM

Before: Emervel Volume

Now: Restylane VolymeTM

Before: Emervel Touch

Now: Restylane FynesseTM


Before: Restylane Perlane

Now: Restylane LyftTM

Before: Emervel Deep

Now: Restylane DefyneTM

Before: Emervel Lips

Now: Restylane KysseTM


Before: Restylane Skinboosters Vital

Now: Restylane SkinboostersTM Vital (No change)


Before: Restylane Skinboosters Vital Light

Now: Restylane SkinboostersTM Vital Light (No change)