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Our partnership with Operation Smile

Galderma (UK) Ltd, the manufacturer of Restylane, is proud to support Operation Smile, the medical charity dedicated to providing safe surgery for people in developing countries born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

Since 2006, Galderma has helped to raise £80,000 by encouraging aesthetic healthcare professionals who attend our meetings to consider making a donation. To date, this equates to 533 surgeries, or ‘smiles’, and has helped to transform those children’s lives forever.

Established in 1982, Operation Smile’s work ranges from importing surgical equipment, to establishing care centres for those patients who undergo more complicated procedures, and empowering local healthcare professionals to treat their communities by providing training. Operation Smile is also committed to carrying out research to understand the root causes of cleft palate and acting as an advocate for patients who need surgery for facial deformities.

With Galderma's support, Operation Smile has been able to achieve:

Maria's Story

Maria’s story shows the difference Operation Smile makes to the life of a child (with permission of Operation Smile). To learn more about the mission and work of Operation Smile and how you can get involved, visit