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the secret to soft, kissable lips is out!

Looking for the secret to soft, kissable lips?

Picture the scene…

It’s a Friday night and Jenny is getting ready for a night out with her friends. The music is blaring, the outfit has been chosen and she is about to start her make-up. However, when she starts to apply her lipstick, she can’t help but think something is missing. She feels that her lips look thin and undefined. In fact, this has been bothering her for the past few months. She wants to add more volume and definition to her lips, but also wants them to look natural.  

Does this sound familiar?

Could there be a secret to soft, kissable lips that both you and Jenny are missing out on?

The Restylane® range contains different dermal fillers that can be injected into your lips to create natural results. With a number of different products available, treatment can be tailored to your needs and wishes to obtain the beautiful lips you have been searching for.

Are you looking for contouring and volumisation of the lips? Then Restylane Kysse™ may be the product for you. Alternatively, do you desire more pronounced volume and to further enhance your lips? Then Restylane Lyps™ may be what you need. The lips range does not end here – there are a number of different products available that can help create the lips you have been longing for.  

Now you know about the Restylane lips range, would you like to know what other patients thought after treatment?


  • 90% of patients thought the results with Restylane Kysse looked natural 24 weeks after treatment (n=20)19
  • 86% of patients would repeat treatment with Restylane Kysse (n=36)6

So, the secret to enhancing lips with the Restylane range is out! What will you do next?

16 February 2018|Restylane


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19. Hilton S. A randomised evaluator-blinded parallel-group study on the safety of lip injections with Emervel Lips and Juvéderm Ultra Smile. Poster presented at AMWC, 26–28 March 2015, Monte Carlo, Monaco.