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A reassuring increase in engagement

We are delighted to see that users like you are finding the content of our website engaging. Since the launch of our integrated Restylane campaign, we have seen a dramatic rise in user interest, with a 50% increase in returning visitors compared to the same 3 months last year.

Our aim was to support consumers just like you searching for information on dermal fillers online and empower them with accurate, high-quality information. Our simple, streamlined and, importantly, customised user experience helps you at each stage of your aesthetic treatment journey, whether that’s offering information on aesthetic procedures, re-assurance on what treatment entails, help in booking an appointment, or support following treatment.

Through the Virtual Clinic on the Restylane website, you can learn more about ageing and aesthetics and even get a taste of a real clinic experience, which includes understanding your treatment needs. This seamless journey also allows you to book a clinic appointment and access tools to support you after treatment. This includes My Skin Journal, an app that allows you to track your treatment progress (and how you feel about it), but also really helps you visualise the positive changes in your appearance by generating a video of your ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

28 September 2016|Restylane