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September 2016

Patients love Restylane

Millions of people just like you have trusted Restylane non-surgical aesthetic treatments over the past 20 years to subtly renew their skin. The natural-looking results that Restylane delivers has helped them look like they feel, making them happier and more confident...

28 September 2016|Restylane

A reassuring increase in engagement

We are delighted to see that users like you are finding the content of our website engaging. Since the launch of our integrated Restylane campaign, we have seen a dramatic rise in user interest, with a 50% increase in returning visitors compared to the same 3 months last year...

28 September 2016|Restylane

Proof in Real Life - what happened next

Last year, we launched the Proof in Real Life campaign to challenge the idea that beauty treatments lead to unnatural results or simply have no effect. We worked together with ten sets of twins who had never used hyaluronic acid products, asking just one of them to try Restylane...

28 September 2016|Restylane